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30 Year Anniversary

October 2010

Announcing Our
30th Year Celebration
Special Offer

Here's what you get:

The complete David Lucas Burge Ear Training Library for Musical Excellence:

The Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse:

The #1 World Best-Selling Ear Training Method for 30 Years
Learn to recognize EXACT notes and chords -- BY EAR.

40-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse:
The perfect companion to your Perfect Pitch series!
Learn to understand and speak the language of music.
FREE Chord Chart & Power Points session +
90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Dear Musician:

Yes, we are now celebrating 30 years of success in ear training with our #1 best-selling method, the Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse.

We now have a special offer for you, the likes of which has never been seen in our entire 30-year history.

It's really this simple:

Gain a professional ear for music:
Purchase Burge's Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse for just $328 (list price $389, a $61 savings), and you get Burge's #1 best-selling Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse - for FREE (a $169 value)!
Total savings: $230!

There are no strings attached! It's just our way of throwing ourselves a big birthday party, and you're invited ... to the tune of a $230 savings!

And remember, our courses have always been backed by our full Money Back Guarantees (see below). So you can try them both out with NO RISK.

Now you can hear for yourself why musicians around the world have put Burge's courses in such high demand for ... (we can hardly believe it ourselves) ... 30 years! (Order below)

  Dear Mr. Burge: I recently graduated your Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse. I am a professional flutist who also learned Perfect Pitch. Thank you for such thorough training! It far exceeds my college training. (C.A., Rochester, MN) more quotes  


You have many talents hidden inside you. Here is everything you need to discover them ...

How does Perfect Pitch compare to Relative Pitch?



Order Below

Own It All Now:

You get the the entire
David Lucas Burge Ear Training Library

You receive everything:
complete Perfect Pitch + Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse COMBO:

+ All 49 Audio CDs
+ Easy Handbooks
+ New Footnotes Booklet
+ Full Money Back Guarantees
FREE Chord Chart & Power Points session

90-Day Money
Back Guarantee

Click an Easy Pay Plan (details)
check box12 monthly payments of $27.33* (+$1.95/m service charge)
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The Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse
Your discount price: only $328*.
(List price: $389. You save $61*)

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

*Plus you receive the Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse FREE (a $169 value).

Your total savings: $230! (Order above)

30-Year Anniversary Special Offer

Order above - Your Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse will be automatically included with your order - FREE!

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See professional reviews of Burge's ear training courses at: RichardBosworth.org

How does Perfect Pitch compare to Relative Pitch?


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Order by fax: Print the COMBO Order Form and fax to 1-641-472-2700.

Order by mail: Print the COMBO Order Form and mail it to us the "classic" way -- like thousands of other musicians over the past 30 years. Your personal check or money order is welcome. (Please note: To purchase in 2 or more monthly installments, a credit card or debit card is required.)

  Dear Mr. Burge: I would like to say "thank you" for not being selfish with all you've discovered. It has galvanized me and challenged me to reach again for new heights. (T.H., Cudahy, Wisconsin) more quotes   

Remember, you order with no risk. Like thousands of musicians for 30 years, you are fully covered by our Money Back Guarantees (above). You must experience immediate and dramatic improvements in 1) your ear, 2) your performance, 3) your composition skills, and 4) your personal enjoyment -- or simply return your materials for a full prompt refund, no questions asked.

     The complete Perfect Pitch & Relative Pitch Ear Training COMBO -- a lifetime investment in your music, your talents, and your success. Order above.


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What is Relative Pitch?

How does Perfect Pitch compare to Relative Pitch?

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