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We're throwing ourselves a big
birthday party . . . and you're invited!

Dear Musician:

Many people are asking us:

"Why the extra discounts?"

It's because we're now celebrating 30 Years of success with the #1 World Best-Selling Ear Training Method — the Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse — the personal, classic, "must-have" music method by David Lucas Burge that lets you experience Perfect Pitch with your own ears, guaranteed.

Browse our site, and you'll find huge celebration discounts and FREE gifts on every page.

Be sure to check out the spectacular offer we're giving when you also order Burge's famous Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse, the "complete ear tune-up and repair kit" for all musicians.

Welcome to our 30 Year Celebration party!

Here's to your success in ear training and to your advancement in all your music activities.

Best wishes,

Sherri Moore
Special Offers Manager

P.S. Please take advantage of these special offers now. Our celebration discounts will end soon.

Thanks for Coming to Our Celebration of 30 Years of Ear Training Success

Celebration Discounts
Are Now Ending

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