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"Complete Guitar By Ear"
by Mark John Sternal

Our Review: Sorry, these two CDs will not teach you how to develop Perfect Pitch. Instead, they provide a light introduction to Relative Pitch (see our main web site to learn What is Perfect Pitch, What is Relative Pitch, and How Perfect Pitch compares to Relative Pitch.)

If an introduction to Relative Pitch Ear Training is what you want, we'll send you one FREE!

This seller gives you just 2 CDs with a total running time of only 1 hour 41 minutes. These CDs are more like a test for your hearing rather than a teaching for how to improve your ear.

Please understand that no one can gain an artful mastery of Relative Pitch with only these two CDs, it's just not possible.

To learn all the finer points of Relative Pitch, we would suggest that you check out The Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse by David Lucas Burge. It's your COMPLETE SuperCourse for gaining total mastery of the language of music -- by EAR (see SuperCourse contents).

You get a whopping 41 CDs, a power-packed total time of 30 hours 45 minutes. And you won't find a better ear training coach anywhere -- not at any price.

Contrary to what this vendor says, there is really no such thing as effective Relative Pitch ear training exclusively "for guitarists." If you truly have developed Relative Pitch, you will be able to recognize a "minor six add nine" chord on ANY instrument -- not just the guitar. If you cannot do this, your Relative Pitch will be impaired and not fully established.

The drills on our Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse work flawlessly for all singers, guitarists, keyboardists and instrumentalists to develop a fully rounded ability of Relative Pitch.

(We do offer unique Perfect Pitch drills exclusively for guitarists on our Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse because Perfect Pitch is a very different kind of training. Effective Relative Pitch drills, on the other hand, must not be "instrument specific" or you will end up restricted in your abilities -- find out more about the difference between Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch.)

Lastly, if you are a guitarist, you should know that 45% of musicians who purchase our ear training SuperCourses are GUITARISTS.

If you're serious about ear training, we invite you to try out our best-selling 41 CD Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse -- risk-free for 90 days. You'll learn to understand and speak the Language of Music -- and tune up your ear for LIFE. Find out more at

If you want to recognize the actual notes you hear -- by ear alone -- then try out risk-free our Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse -- see

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