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Music Software

Caution: This software does not teach you Perfect Pitch, nor does it teach you anything about the subtleties of Relative Pitch ear training. As with ALL software, this is strictly a mechanical program with no instruction in the art of listening.

No software product can give you David Lucas Burge's proven Perfect Pitch drills or his personalized instructions in the art of musical listening.

Learn What is Perfect Pitch, What is Relative Pitch, and How Perfect Pitch compares to Relative Pitch.


If you really want to learn HOW to LISTEN with ultimate depth and refinement, then a mechanical computer program will never satisfy you.

What you need is a REAL PERSON -- an ear training expert -- who will personally guide you and show you the way.

Now you can have David Lucas Burge right there in your living room to coach you step-by-step in his secrets to Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch!

You can hear for yourself! Find out how Burge's personalized instruction will make you a better musician with your risk-free home trial -- see


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