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Musician Alert:

Please beware of methods that attempt to imitate the success of David Lucas Burge's authentic SuperCourses.

Our Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse is the "one and only original" -- the #1 best-selling ear training method for 30 years!

No other course can offer you David Lucas Burge's proven ear training drills which guarantee development of Perfect Pitch. Burge's method is the only method authorized to use the U.S. Registered Trademark: Perfect Pitch®.

With Burge's long-standing mega success, imitators occasionally emerge who offer inexpensive, ineffective methods which also claim to develop Perfect Pitch -- even when these methods did not actually produce Perfect Pitch for the instructors themselves. We have seen them come -- and we have seen them go -- over many years.

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If you really want to name NOTES and CHORDS, all BY EAR, then we invite you to try out the real thing: the original Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse -- the #1 world best-selling ear training method for 30 years.

Ear Training Computer Programs:

Remember also that no computer software can teach you the art of Perfect Pitch, nor can it teach you the subtleties of Relative Pitch ear training.

No computer program can offer you instruction in the finer ART of LISTENING like you get with Burge's courses. If you want to truly gain a professional ear for music, then we think you'll find that mechanical programs won't ever satisfy you.

What you need is a REAL PERSON -- an ear training expert -- who will personally guide you and show you the way.


David Lucas BurgeAs our own expert, David Lucas Burge, says:

Perfect Pitch is not the MEMORIZATION of tones. I found this out personally when I was 14 years old (see "How I Discovered the Secret to Perfect Pitch").

Perfect Pitch is a fine perception which cannot be hammered into your brain with computer programs or by listening endlessly to pitches. Instead, you have to CULTURE your ear's finer sensitivity. You have to hear more deeply into the tones.

It will take forever to develop Perfect Pitch if you try to memorize the pitches. Even if you improve somewhat, you will never gain the brilliant results you can achieve with proper listening drills.

When you understand how to listen artfully, Perfect Pitch becomes quite easy.


You will begin to hear with Perfect Pitch -- starting with your very first CD -- or return the course for a full refund. You have our 30-year word on it. Hear for yourself.

And for 30 years we have received very few returns. This should tell you something about the merits of our ear training.



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