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How does Perfect Pitch
help sight reading and sight singing?

For keyboardists:

With Perfect Pitch, you can tell that you are playing the correct tones WITHOUT LOOKING.

It's commonly known that even when a keyboardist can READ music fine, the trick is to GET to the correct notes.

When you sight read music, you do not want to have to keep looking down at your hands to ensure you are playing the correct tones. This distraction dramatically reduces your sight reading ability.

With Perfect Pitch, you can hear whether or not you've played the correct notes -- without looking down at your hands. Your eyes most often don't need to leave the sheet music! This means you can focus fully on your sight reading.

For guitarists:

If you have to keep checking the fretboard to make sure the tone is correct, you lose a lot of fluency in your sight reading.

When your EAR tells you if you are playing the correct notes, your sight reading skills become more and more accurate, fast, and confident.

For singers:

Perfect Pitch gives you a natural fluency with sight-singing that cannot be matched or replaced by any other musical skill.


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