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Perfect Pitch

For well over two decades, musicians around the globe have made their own startling discovery of Perfect Pitch with the Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse, by David Lucas Burge.

     As you listen to your Perfect Pitch CDs and do the simple listening techniques that David-Lucas shows you, you'll be surprised as your ear gently opens to a higher new dimension of sound.

"What's it like to hear
with Perfect Pitch?"

  You can imagine my joy when I listened to your lessons for the first time, went to the piano, and made the startling discovery of Perfect Pitch! I started crying and laughing all at the same time. (J.S., educator) more quotes  

     From your very FIRST listening you will begin to hear richer qualities within the tones -- a natural effect you may never have noticed before. Your experience becomes stronger with each daily listening session of about 15 minutes.

     Soon your ear will actually start to recognize single tones.

Example: As you listen to music, you suddenly notice that an F# sticks out at you -- and you are quite surprised that you can recognize this tone using nothing but your OWN EARS.

Last Tuesday night in rehearsal I was listening to the soloist play and I recognized F#. I was so excited that I nearly jumped up and down. (L.S., Music Professor) more quotes

     As your ability continues to crystallize, you'll find you can confidently name any tone on your instrument. This expands into your ability to recognize CHORDS and KEYS.

Example: You suddenly notice that a particular piece is in the key of G Major, and you can follow the chords by ear: E Minor, A Major, D Dominant Seven, etc.

     As your ear continues to open, you will also notice when a singer has drifted a quarter or a half step flat -- by hearing the FINER QUALITIES of pitch with your own ears -- without a pitch pipe or other external pitch reference.

     At first you'll probably recognize pitches best only on your own familiar instrument (you'll learn why on your Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse). But as you complete the last CD in your eight-CD series, your ear gains full mastery of ALL pitches on ALL instruments -- and even non-instruments (like knowing the pitch of a lawn mower).

The Benefits of Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch is your personal mastery of all pitches BY EAR.

     When you have mastered musical pitches by ear, all the tones are yours to command.

Example: When you want to play by ear, transpose, or improvise, your EAR does the work for you -- instead of searching for desired tones by hand.

Example: Glancing at a page of sheet music, others may see only black dots. But with Perfect Pitch, you can now mentally hear how each pitch sounds.

Example: Singers say it's cool when their new Perfect Pitch skills enable them to sight-sing, find obscure pitches, stay in tune, and produce a correct pitch out of thin air -- from MEMORY.

I can listen to a song and still hear it hours later in my mind. (D.O., guitar) more quotes

     Regarding your musical memory: Do you ever have a new melody or chord sequence that comes to your mind -- unexpectedly -- in a flash of inspiration? How do you remember it? When your ear can clearly identify the tones with Perfect Pitch, you can quickly take your new music out of your head -- and onto your instrument -- where it belongs!     

Perfect Pitch (known in scholarly circles as "Absolute Pitch") also adds a higher aesthetic appreciation of sound. Acoustical psychologist Bachem found that "particular characteristics of certain keys, e.g., the brilliancy of A major, the softness of D flat major, can only be appreciated fully through Absolute Pitch."

     The rich experience of Perfect Pitch extends even beyond the musical sphere into day-to-day living.

Example: As your ear becomes more alert, you suddenly find you can easily recognize voices on the phone -- and more quickly pick up languages and foreign accents.

The Art of Music


Burge's Perfect Pitch training touches the core of musical perception. (D.S., violin/viola, Los Angeles Philharmonic)

Burge brings musicians to the root of their art: sound. (R.C., piano) more quotes


Music is a HEARING art. Your mastery of pitch is a ROOT SKILL that branches out to support ALL your musical talents.

     Everything in music is ultimately linked to YOUR EAR. A small investment in your EAR automatically enriches and supports every direction that you choose to take your music.

     The bottom line:

     In MUSIC, your success and enjoyment depend most on your ability to HEAR.

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