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  Beautiful African American Singer

You and your ear -- it's the start of a very beautiful relationship.


Learn the Language of Music -- BY EAR

"Why do I need Relative Pitch ear training?"

The language of music is PITCH.

     Just as a child first begins to learn his or her native language by ear, every musician must learn the language of music -- pitch -- BY EAR.

     Your EAR is the key to all your talents. Why? Because music is a HEARING art. The more FLUENTLY you master the language of music -- BY EAR -- the more your talents will unfold from within you.

     Relative Pitch is your PERSONAL COMMAND of the musical language -- your ability to understand what you hear, including all the various chords and pitch relationships that are used to create music.

     Relative Pitch enlivens the artistic intelligence within you. You gain practical skills that enable you to:

  • Play by ear and improvise
  • Write what you hear
  • Sing with perfect intonation
  • Compose artfully
  • Transpose freely
  • Perform with confidence
  • Tune with precision
  • Memorize easily
  • Deepen your sense of music appreciation

     A simple Relative Pitch tune-up empowers all your talents to rise to their highest potential.

     Relative Pitch gives you the right tools for the job -- to create music that goes straight to the heart of your listener.

  Mr. Burge: In a nutshell, you have changed my life. You have given me knowledge which I never thought I could have nor even thought I needed. Your course covers a phenomenal amount of material in very logical manner and gives the participant the desired result: established Relative Pitch. (J.G., Whitehouse Station, New Jersey) more quotes  

     Here at last is everything you need to hear and create music like a professional -- all contained in one masterful series: the Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse, by David Lucas Burge . . .

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What is Relative Pitch?
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How does
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