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Notes for Guitarists

Dear Guitarist:

On your very first CD of the Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse, you'll learn how to avoid a huge tuning mistake that totally makes your music sound weak. You'll learn how you should NEVER tune your guitar -- if you want your music to sound professional.

This simple guitar tuning tip from David Lucas Burge gives you added brilliance in all your playing and always makes you sound better than the others.

This one tip alone is worth the entire price of this course ... which you can preview RISK FREE for 40 days.

Guitar Tab

Guitar tab is a great short-cut to finding the correct tones for guitar chords in a song. Every guitarist should know how to read tablature.

But what if you had Perfect Pitch and your EAR could find the exact tones and chords for you? What if you could just listen and play by ear? Then your EAR would do the work for you -- instead of your eyes.

Remember, music is HEARING art.

Whether you play electric guitar or acoustic guitar, whether you play rock guitar, jazz guitar, or classical guitar, the Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse gives you complete step-by-step guitar lessons -- for your EARS. You'll learn how to recognize exact tones and chords by ear alone, plus you'll learn how to SING any tone at any time -- without a starting pitch. With an ear like this, you will now possess a powerful tool to become the musician you have always dreamed of becoming.

David Lucas Burge, the creator of the Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse, is a piano keyboardist, not a guitarist. But did you know: 45% of musicians around the world who are using his Perfect Pitch method are GUITARISTS. Find out why ...

Here are some responses from others who have taken his program:

  • "Wow! It really worked. I feel like a new musician. I am very proud that I could achieve something of this caliber." J.M.

  • "I'm able to play things I hear in my head a lot faster than ever before. Before I started the course, I could barely do it." J.W.

  • "I hear a song on the radio and I know what they're doing without my bass guitar. My improvisations have improved. I feel more in control of what I'm doing." I.B.

  • "It is wonderful. I can truly hear the differences in the color of the tones." D.P.

  • "I heard the differences on the initial playing, which did in fact surprise me. It is a breakthrough." J.H.

  • "I received my Perfect Pitch course and I have to say I couldn't be happier with it. I'm already noticing the results ... amazing stuff, 'specially for a (formerly) tone deaf rock'n'roll guitarist like me." C.S., Milan, Italy

  • "In three short weeks I've noticed a vast difference in my listening skills." T.E.

  • "I can now identify tones and keys just by hearing them. I can also recall and sing individual tones at will. When I hear music now it has much more definition, form and substance than before. I don't just passively listen to music anymore, but actively listen to detail." M.U.

  • "Although I was skeptical at first, I am now awed." R.H.

  • "It's like hearing in a whole new dimension." L.S.

  • "I wish I could have had this 30 years ago!" R.B.

  • "A very necessary thing for someone who wants to become a pro." L.K.

  • "This is absolutely what I have been searching for." D.F.

  • "Mr. Burge -- you've changed my life!" T.B.

  • "Learn it or be left behind." P.S.

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