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All it takes is a moment to listen . . .

Perfect Pitch gives your ears the brand new experience of "pitch color" — the secret that allows you to know any note or chord BY EAR.

Hear It Now for Yourself



  Musicians around the globe have told us they'd give anything to gain the "A List" hearing powers of Perfect Pitch.

Fortunately, you don't have to give your right arm.

The good news is:

Perfect Pitch is already a natural talent — hidden inside you — waiting for you to take a moment to LISTEN . . . and discover it for yourself.

How can we be so sure? . . . Thirty years of experience and success with musicians all over the world — that's how we're so confident.

We want you to experience Perfect Pitch for yourself.

That's why today we offer you the same ironclad 40-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee that we have offered musicians for 30 years . . .

Whatever your age, instrument, or current ability level, you'll understand Perfect Pitch only after you experience it for yourself. And you'll begin to hear it immediately on your very first Lesson — GUARANTEED (see below).



40-Day No-Risk
Money Back Guarantee

You will experience your own Perfect Pitch starting with your very first Lesson — or you receive a FULL REFUND.


It's this simple:

1. Order your Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse with your $30 Celebration Discount.

2. Listen to your first Lesson when your SuperCourse arrives. As David Lucas guides you, we bet that YOU will hear the secret to Perfect Pitch with your own ears.

Otherwise, return the course for a full prompt refund, no questions asked.

You have our 30-year word on it.

3. We bet you'll be pretty excited when you experience your own Perfect Pitch for the very first time. But your first taste is only the beginning. With just a few minutes of daily listening, your ear will naturally unfold even further.

Read and enjoy your Perfect Pitch Handbook and listen to your first 12 Perfect Pitch Master Classes. Check out your progress at your own easy pace.

We guarantee you will notice immediate and dramatic advancements in:

  • Your listening skills
  • Your playing by ear and
    improvisation skills
  • Your singing
  • Your enjoyment of music


Return your materials anytime within 40 days for a full prompt refund — no questions asked.

Your FREE 74-minute Bonus CD on Relative Pitch is YOURS TO KEEP — just for giving the course a listen (a $15 gift).

If you choose to keep your course (and we're betting you will), then you'll enjoy the 12 remaining Master Classes with more advanced Perfect Pitch sessions.

You will receive everything in one package: ALL 24 Perfect Pitch Master Classes on 8 audio CDs with Perfect Pitch Handbook, plus TWO FREE Bonus CDs — everything you need to discover your own Perfect Pitch with your own ears.




How can we dare to make this guarantee?

We've found for 30 years that 97% of our new musicians experience their first taste of Perfect Pitch — immediately.

(The rest usually get it after they listen a little more closely.)

We're betting that YOU will be among those who hear it right away.


Will YOU actually hear with Perfect Pitch?

We're pleased to GUARANTEE that you will experience your own Perfect Pitch — or you receive a full refund.




Wow! What an amazing thing! It really worked. I couldn't be happier. I can now distinguish all the notes on my piano. Mr. Burge, I am grateful for what you have given me — I feel like a new musician. Since I am a drummer, I am very proud that I could achieve something of this caliber. I feel as if I have a leg up on those who I will be competing with in college.J.M., percussion (more quotes)


It's like hearing in a whole new dimension.L.S., guitar (more quotes)


It feels like I'm singing and playing MY notes instead of somebody else's notes.L.H., voice/guitar (more quotes)


You can imagine my joy when I listened to your lessons for the first time, went to the piano, and made the startling discovery of Perfect Pitch! I started crying and laughing all at the same time.J.S., educator (more quotes)


Last Tuesday night in rehearsal I was listening to the soloist play and I recognized F#. I was so excited that I nearly jumped up and down.L.S., Music Professor (more quotes)


I can listen to a song and still hear it hours later in my mind.D.O., guitar (more quotes)


Burge brings musicians to the root of their art: sound.R.C., piano (more quotes)




There's no risk

Imagine the talents that Perfect Pitch can open up for YOU — to advance your playing, your singing — your own creativity and confidence.

But then again:

How will you ever know unless you listen for yourself?

There's no risk, you have nothing to lose, and you have an expert set of musical talents to gain.

Discover Perfect Pitch with YOUR OWN EARS, one of your most valuable musical assets — guaranteed.

Order your Perfect Pitch® Ear Training SuperCourse now with your $30 Celebration Discount (see below).



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