What is
Relative Pitch?

Learn to Understand and Speak the Language of Music
— all by EAR.


What is Relative Pitch?

Relative Pitch is your clear understanding of the musical language.

It's pretty simple, yet it's an extremely important development for your overall musical experience.

Here's how Relative Pitch works:


Relative Pitch Intervals

When you play any two tones, a RELATIONSHIP occurs between them — you'll hear it as a simple sound pattern, or INTERVAL:

There are 21 basic Relative Pitch Intervals in music, each with its own name and distinct sound.

As you learn Relative Pitch Intervals BY EAR, you are not required to read any music.

Instead, David Lucas will guide you step by step — until you can recognize and name ALL intervals — BY EAR — at Lightning Speed.

David Lucas will show you the easy way with his own secrets that are both super-effective — and fun!


Q. Why do I need to learn the sounds of Relative Pitch Intervals — BY EAR?

Relative Pitch Intervals are the
Building Blocks of All Music

If you want a great ear for music, it's absolutely essential to be able to recognize all Relative Pitch Intervals — BY EAR.

Relative Pitch Intervals are the RAW BUILDING BLOCKS of all MELODIES:


Relative Pitch Intervals are also the building blocks of ALL CHORDS:


In fact, Relative Pitch Intervals are actually the building blocks of ALL MUSIC:



Relative Pitch Intervals BY EAR — this is your starting point for your Relative Pitch ear training experience.

Next you will learn how to use Relative Pitch Intervals to compose every possible kind of CHORD — while at the same time you'll hear how to RECOGNIZE all these chords BY EAR at Lightning Speed . . .

Plus you'll learn countless other essentials — like cadences, inversions, compound intervals, scales, etc. — all to build up your virtuoso ear for music.

All of this practical knowledge and experience gets stored inside you — permanently — as you enjoy 41 Relative Pitch Ear Training Lessons, taught uniquely by David Lucas Burge (see details below).



Q. Why do I need Relative Pitch in order to have a great ear for music?

Only Relative Pitch Gives You a
Sharply Focused Picture of the Music

Think of it this way:

Without Relative Pitch, music can seem like a jumble of hazy tones and chords — like watching a fuzzy TV screen:

Your experience of music
WITHOUT Relative Pitch:

With a poorly tuned ear, you receive only a blurred impression of the music; the details are lost. Though you can certainly enjoy the music to a greater or lesser degree, you don't really understand what's going on.

On the other hand, Relative Pitch gives you the CLEAR musical picture . . .

Your experience of music
WITH Relative Pitch:

With Relative Pitch, your hearing becomes laser-sharp.

Relative Pitch enables your ear to FOCUS the tones — so you enjoy the crisp detail of what's happening. Now you can comprehend the music from a whole new, clear perspective.

Example: Relative Pitch allows you to NAME any KIND of chord you hear — instantly — like a Dominant Seventh Sharp Five.

It's only when you can UNDERSTAND the musical sounds you hear that you can truly begin to appreciate the entire musical language.




Mr. Burge: In a nutshell, you have changed my life. You have given me knowledge which I never thought I could have nor even thought I needed. Your course covers a phenomenal amount of material in very logical manner and gives the participant the desired result: established Relative Pitch. J.G., Whitehouse Station, New Jersey (more quotes)




With Relative Pitch, you'll also COMMUNICATE your ideas to another musician who has Relative Pitch.

Example: Whenever you mention a Dominant Seventh Sharp Five chord, someone with Relative Pitch will know exactly what sound you are talking about.

This is your ability to SPEAK the language of music, similar to learning words in any language like English, Spanish, French or German.

And with Burge's 41 Relative Pitch Power Lessons, you'll soon speak like a pro.


Learn the Language of Music — BY EAR

The language of music is PITCH.

Just as a child first begins to learn his or her native language BY EAR, every musician must learn the language of music — pitch — BY EAR.

Your EAR is the key to all your talents.

Why? Because music is a HEARING art.

The more FLUENTLY you master the language of music — BY EAR — the more your talents will unfold from within you.

Relative Pitch is your PERSONAL COMMAND of the musical language — your ability to understand what is happening INSIDE the music, including all the various chords, progressions, and pitch relationships that create the musical flow.

Relative Pitch gives you a skillful knowledge about music which naturally enlivens the artistic intelligence within you.

The better you can hear, the more easily you are able to:

  • Play by ear and improvise
  • Write what you hear
  • Sing with perfect intonation
  • Compose artfully
  • Transpose freely
  • Perform with confidence
  • Tune with precision
  • Memorize easily
  • Deepen your sense of music appreciation

It's a fact: A simple Relative Pitch tune-up empowers all your talents to rise to their higher potential.


You and your ear.
It's the start of a very
beautiful relationship.

Q. How do I develop Relative Pitch for myself?

We're glad you asked.

David Lucas Burge is known around the world for his a unique and personal approach to Relative Pitch ear training that is unmatched anywhere.

His Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse gives you just the right tools for the job — to open you ear so you can create music that goes straight to the heart of your listener.

Here at last is everything you need to hear and create music like a professional — all contained in 41 Power Lessons . . .



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