What is
Perfect Pitch?

Discover a brand new experience into your own natural talents . . .


Perfect Pitch is a mastery of musical pitches — by ear.


What is Perfect Pitch?

Somewhere deep inside, you have a refined hearing sense popularly called
Perfect Pitch (also known as Absolute Pitch).

Perfect Pitch is a talent of yours that's crying to be let out. But — like most musicians — you may have never taken the time to discover it.

Simply put, Perfect Pitch is your natural, but usually undeveloped ability to:

  • Name exact notes and chords — BY EAR
  • Sing exact notes — from memory
  • Identify keys of songs just by listening

It's like this . . .


WITHOUT Perfect Pitch
You do not know what tones you hear
— it's like hearing in "black and white":

WITHOUT Perfect Pitch, you hear only that the tones are "high" or "low." Other than this, you don't really experience anything unique about each pitch. They all sound pretty much the same. And that's why you can't tell a C-sharp from an F-sharp — just by listening.


WITH Perfect Pitch
You know the EXACT TONES you hear
— it's like hearing in color:

WITH Perfect Pitch, your ear becomes sensitive to a deeper quality of pitch that David Lucas Burge calls "pitch color." Now you can hear that a C-sharp sounds completely different from an F-sharp. This new perception lets you name EXACT PITCHES — just by listening.

Note: You do not have to associate the above visual colors to tones in order to learn Perfect Pitch. These visual colors are for illustration purposes only. Instead, you will actually learn to hear the PITCH color (sound color) of each tone.



It is wonderful. I can truly hear the differences in the color of the tones.  D.P., student (more quotes)





Does "pitch color" sound like a strange concept to you?

Think of it this way:

Your eye sees VISUAL colors; likewise, your ear can learn to hear PITCH colors.

Your eye can recognize different colors of LIGHT (light waves) — right? Likewise, your ear has a natural (but usually undeveloped) ability to recognize different colors of SOUND (pitches).

Once you tune in to these PITCH COLORS, you'll naturally learn to name any tone or chord — BY EAR — just like you can name colors by eye.

If all this still sounds a bit abstract, don't worry. It's so simple a child can do it. (And if you have musical kids, you'll want them to learn Perfect Pitch as young as possible.)

Regardless of your age, instrument, or currently ability level, you'll hear it for YOURSELF . . . starting with your very first Lesson. We guarantee it.


Perfect Pitch gives your ears the brand new experience of "pitch color" — the secret that allows you to know any note or chord BY EAR.


I am so jazzed about this course that I wake up in the middle of the night with colored tones in my head. Thanks so much for a new lease on life.
H.I., Fountain, North Carolina
(more quotes)

Perfect Pitch:
The Phenomenon

Known over centuries as the prized "super ear" of the world's greatest musicians, Perfect Pitch gives you an unmatchable mastery of the musical language.

In classical times, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin — and most all the music greats — had Perfect Pitch.

From classical to rock, from jazz to pop, many current and recent superstars also possess (or did possess) Perfect Pitch:

Frank Sinatra, Leonard Bernstein, Barbra Streisand, Julie Andrews, Andre Previn, Stevie Wonder, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Glenn Gould, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, Tommy Mars, Bela Bartok, Jascha Heifetz, Paul Shaffer, Yo-Yo Ma, Yanni . . . the list goes on and on.


Climbing the Ladder of Musical Success

Although many highly paid artists do not have Perfect Pitch, it is interesting to note that the further you climb up the music ladder, the more commonplace the ability becomes.

At the Julliard School of Music you'll find about 10% of the students with Perfect Pitch.

A typical symphony orchestra will boast 20-40% of its membership with Perfect Pitch.

And surveys indicate that half of today's most popular recording artists have Perfect Pitch, rising to 87% for top concert performers.


The Golden Rule of Music:

Professionals rate a good sense of pitch as the most valuable asset of musicianship — higher even than other factors like good rhythm, technical facility, accurate memory, and creativity.

Even with years of music lessons and the finest instrument, the Golden Rule of Music holds true:

Your success and enjoyment depend most on your ability to HEAR.

Yet all through the centuries, few have ever cracked the secret for gaining Perfect Pitch . . .

. . . that is, until 14-year old David Lucas Burge made it his personal quest to find the answer at Springer Junior High School . . .



Are you ready
to start?

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They Laughed When I Said They Could Have Perfect Pitch . . .












Perfect Pitch is an invaluable asset in my musical career. I feel if every musician could hear as I do, they would realize how useful it is and how delightful. H.M., voice (more quotes)



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They Laughed When I Said They Could Have Perfect Pitch . . .




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