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Burge's secret to success is simple: Most musicians experience their first taste of Perfect Pitch — immediately — on their very first Lesson.


Perfect Pitch Success Stories

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For 30 years now, Burge's Perfect Pitch method has amazed people around the globe when they actually experience their own Perfect Pitch for the very first time:


Note: For privacy reasons, we print only the initials of most of our musicians. When you write us, we will honor the same privacy policy. It's the old-style way we've done things for 30 years.

Here is a brief sampling of 100% real letters and emails we have received in the past 30 years from real musicians in over 120 countries . . .

You can imagine my joy when I listened to your lessons for the first time, went to the piano, and made the startling discovery of Perfect Pitch! I started crying and laughing all at the same time. (J.S., educator)

The Perfect Pitch program has changed my life. I have always wanted to be a musician but here in Croatia it is Mission: Impossible. When I acquired Perfect Pitch, I went to the academy of music and they thought I was Mozart reborn and I was instantly accepted to the academy. Now I can make my dreams come to life and all because of you. I can't thank you enough. You have my eternal gratitude. (Stefan Keva Kerdic, Croatia)

I never before thought it was possible to obtain Perfect Pitch, but now I know it is. (T.S., piano)

It's so simple it's ridiculous. (M.P., guitar)

This course is the most amazing thing I ever have had since I started to study music!! I've been playing for 12 years. (D.H., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, guitar)

After just a few minutes of your instructions, I could locate an F# by ear — even when it was hidden in a group of several tones! (G.B., synthesizer)

Wow! What an amazing thing! It really worked. I couldn't be happier. I started last Halloween and can now distinguish all the notes on my piano. Mr. Burge, I am grateful for what you have given me — I feel like a new musician. Since I am a drummer, I am very proud that I could achieve something of this caliber. I feel as if I have a leg up on those who I will be competing with in college. (J.M., percussion)


From a Suzuki Music Director:

I personally am using my course with my students and finding them duly excited with the little Perfect Pitch games to open the ear. What a marvelous replacement for video games which have nearly harvested a generation of non-musicians (that along with TV).
Kathleen Tyree, Director
GNO Suzuki Summer Music Camp
Metairie, LA

Reprinted from our Suzuki Archives:

See Absolute Pitch article by David Lucas Burge in Suzuki World magazine.


I am a current student at the University of Kansas majoring in music composition. Thanks for teaching me Perfect Pitch. Although it said it takes awhile to develop absolute pitch, I developed a full Perfect Pitch in just two weeks! I don't know how it worked. It sort of just happened out of nowhere, like a miracle. (B.B., guitar/piano, Lawrence, Kansas) [Note: Musicians should not expect to gain full Perfect Pitch in just two weeks.]

I am a piano performance major in college and I have just received the ability to distinguish the tones on my piano. This has been a great starting point to my music career. One of the first great benefits for me is that I have greater sensitivity to the different feelings in my piano music and can express the finer subtle points. Thank you David Lucas Burge for this seemingly impossible gift! (R. H., piano)

I can now hear and identify tones and the key in which a song is played just by hearing it. My sight reading has improved. I can also recall and sing individual tones at will. My music teacher and classmates are amazed at my advancement! Perfect Pitch is like learning a foreign language. Before, things don't make sense, and then things become more and more clear as you progress. It's not just the memorization of a pitch. The pitch colors of the tones have a subtle feeling; every pitch is distinct and has its own 'personality.' When I hear music now it has much more definition, form and substance. I don't just passively listen to music anymore, but actively listen to detail. With Perfect Pitch I can make up my own mind about what and how I feel when I hear music, and also know why I feel that way. (M.U., bass)

When I heard the first lesson I could hear the pitch color differences Mr. Burge described. At first I thought it might be my synthesizer, so I tried other synthesizers. I could still hear the differences. Now I listen more carefully to the sounds of the notes and how they blend together. While working on a piece I was writing, all of a sudden I heard the pitch color of each note. I revised the piece immediately. I'm much happier with it now. (W.H.P., synthesizer)

Burge's Perfect Pitch training touches the core of musical perception. (D.S., violin/viola, Los Angeles Philharmonic)

The information I received was worth more to me than most of the instruction I had received up to that point. Everyone who plays must know about this. (J.T., guitar)

Someone played a D major chord and I recognized it straight away. I enjoy listening and playing more and I get new musical ideas as a result. (S.C., bass)

In three short weeks I've noticed a vast difference in my listening skills. (T.E., guitar)

I'm able to play things I hear in my head a lot faster than ever before. Before I started the course, I could barely do it. (J.W., keyboards)

These CD's have helped me way beyond what I thought they could. If you are one who believes that Perfect Pitch is something you have to be born with, then you are wrong. You can develop Perfect Pitch. Burge will show you the way to practice in order to obtain Perfect Pitch, he guides you in a unique, motivating way that you would not be able to do on your own. (S.H., guitar)

Never again will I listen to music as before. My playing has improved and I am able to easily transcribe note-for-note many Eric Clapton songs I had wanted to for so long. (H.K., guitar)

I hear a song on the radio and I know what they're doing without my bass guitar. My improvisations have improved. I feel more in control of what I'm doing. (I.F.B., Costa Rica)

I have already come across situations with others who were strict believers that Perfect Pitch cannot be learned. I've been able to prove them wrong every time. It is a privilege to share this information with others and even more of a sight to watch my students developing Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch themselves. I now believe, more than I had before, that our progress is endless and our potential is limitless. (D.W., Music Educator)

All my music listening is improved quite markedly on the level of happiness, as you pointed out on one of the lessons. (S.H., jazz guitar)

It's hard to describe. It's like hearing more of the piece or the different feelings evoked because of the key it's played in. I can listen to myself better and hear what I'm doing, allowing me to express myself better. It's amazing how easy and simple Perfect Pitch is. After understanding it, it was like the pitches were at the 'tip of my ear.' (C.L., piano)

It feels like I'm singing and playing MY notes instead of somebody else's notes — like music is more 'my own.' Improved delivery because of being able to make more natural music. (L.H., voice/guitar)

I can listen to a song and still hear it hours later in my mind. (D.O., guitar)

The Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse has helped me in musical dictation and with an ability to write down song ideas in my music notebook in the correct key and with the right notes that I want to say, which expedites my entire songwriting process. Thank you all for this opportunity to use such an effective and powerful tool. (D.W., Port Chester, NY)

Perfect Pitch is an invaluable asset in my musical career. I feel if every musician could hear as I do, they would realize how useful it is and how delightful. (H.M., voice)

I used to sleep in instead of practicing in the morning, but since starting your course I haven't skipped one day. My improvisations have improved. (M.S., piano/synthesizer)

Over the centuries, Perfect Pitch was a kind of musical Golden Fleece. Now this crucial aspect, absent in formal training, is available for the musician who is interested in expanding his own musical process. (J.J.O., Argentina)

It's like hearing in a whole new dimension. (L.S., guitar)

It is wonderful. I can truly hear the differences in the color of the tones. (D.P., student)

Mr. Burge has given me the key to what I once considered a closed door. (D.H., Ph.D., voice/piano professor)

I believe! It works just because it's so simple. (S.P., sax)

Burge brings musicians to the root of their art: sound. (R.C., piano)

The life and breath of feeling part of what we play can be more fully experienced through this knowledge of Perfect Pitch. (D.S., piano)

Perfect Pitch is synonymous with fine musicianship. By fine musicianship, I mean someone who really hears sound as it is. Without this ability (which I feel often separates a professional from an amateur), one cannot fully play in tune, phrase, produce a beautiful tone, and create music that reflects what you are feeling and thinking inside. If one enjoys and knows every note for itself — voila — a delightful and deep experience unfolds. (L.E., voice/harp)

The experiences of recognizing pitches and keys and inner voices of orchestral works and quartets are of great help in aural analysis of major sections. (V.R.M., violin/viola)

I am convinced that a finely tuned ear is the greatest gift that I could ever give my students. (J.F., music teacher)

Perfect Pitch for a musician is more valuable than gold. (E.V., guitar)

It's strange how some things that seem so hard are so simple. (D.W., flute)

I have already acquired abilities I never dreamed of having 2 years ago, as well as an overall zest for music. You've really made a difference in my life. (M.G., piano, Germany)

Last Tuesday night in rehearsal I was listening to the soloist play and I recognized F#. I was so excited that I nearly jumped up and down. The next day in class one boy (after saying he didn't want to be bothered with Perfect Pitch) said, 'I can hear it. Wow. That's awesome.' You really have something going there. (L.S., Music Professor)

I can't understand why it's remained a secret for so long. (B.T., music student)

Although I was at first skeptical, I am now awed. (R.H., sax)

It all boils down to taking the time to listen. (M.B., piano)

This is absolutely what I had been searching for. (D.F., piano)

What a boost for children's musical education!! (R.P., music teacher)

Thank you for the Perfect Pitch SuperCourse. I did the course ten years ago when I studied piano at the conservatory. I "redid" the SuperCourse recently... I even started to work with some children (who I teach piano) to listen to the colours. The results are wonderful; children easily know how to do it, once they are taught how to listen. They enjoy it SO MUCH! And what joy it brings to me, teaching them piano, keyboard skills, a bit of basic music theory and... Perfect Pitch. Last but not least, you can add me to your success-list if you want to, 'cause I can do Aural Recall in a verification round of 20, and more of that. Thank you so much for everything and I wish you all the best in the world. (S.T., The Netherlands)

I wish I could have had this 30 years ago! (R.B., voice)

This course could replace, or at the very least, cut in half the time lavished on seemingly obsolete ear training courses currently taught. (M.S., music teacher)

Mr. Burge, I am a 56-year old male. I have played the guitar now for 37 years and was unable to hear the changes in the music. I had to depend on sheet music to learn a new song or a piece of music. Just in three lessons with your Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse, I (as well as my wife) have seen a dramatic improvement in my ability to hear the changes in the music, that just four days prior I could not hear. I am so impressed that I will also be ordering your Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse come next month. Thank you! (D.L., Bath, New York)

The Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse has helped me enormously. I barely recognize myself — my perception of music has changed so much! I would now love to purchase the David Lucas Burge Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse... (S.C., piano, Dublin, Ireland)

Mr. Burge — you have changed my life! (T.B., music student)

Learn it or be left behind. (P.S., music student)




These are REAL PEOPLE — like you — in 120 different countries. Do you think they had some special ability that you don't have?

We know that with Burge's guidance, you can do it too.

That's why we bet that you too will HEAR IT FOR YOURSELF . . . immediately. And we guarantee it.



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