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Dear Musician:

Have you ever thought about it?

Music is a HEARING art.

Everything you do in music depends totally on your ability to hear.

Whatever your instrument, whether you're a new beginner or a pro, whatever your music, whether classical or contemporary . . .

If you want to make great music, you need to KNOW WHAT YOU HEAR.



After just a few minutes of your instructions, I could locate an F# by ear — even when it was hidden in a group of several tones! G.B., synthesizer (more quotes)




Do you know
what you hear?

Try this 60-second
Perfect Pitch test:

Do all 5 questions, then check the answers (below). Use only your EARS to answer the first 4 questions.


1. What is this note?

2. What is the name of this chord?

3. What key is this song in?

4. Sing a B-flat.

(Sing first, then click to check if you are correct.)


Answers to first 3 questions

Perfect Pitch lets you know EXACT tones
and chords — all by EAR.



The Shocking Truth:
Most Musicians are "Hard of Hearing"

Musicians are often shocked when they first realize they literally have NO PITCH RECOGNITION.

It's odd because, as musicians, we work with musical tones constantly. Isn't it strange that so few of us have trained our ears to name exact tones and chords — all by EAR?

Imagine: What if Michelangelo could not recognize the vivid colors in his paintings? Do you suppose this would have impacted his art?

It's similar for us as musicians. How can we ever be fully creative in music if we can't even tell a B-flat from an F-sharp — by EAR?

Musicians around the world agree: A great ear is the most valuable asset a musician can own. Yet while most musicians already know this, few do something about it.

The truth is that most musicians have had very little ear training. And most have no clue what they are hearing.

To make matters worse, ear training can be tricky. Musicians often joke that ear training is really "ear straining."

That's because they don't know how EASY and SIMPLE it is to develop your ear when you learn the simple secrets of Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch.


Even Tin Ears Can Turn to Gold:

Would you like to advance your music, discover your hidden musical talents, and leap ahead of the crowd?

If so, you've come to the right place.

With just a few ear-opening instructions, we bet YOU will begin to name exact tones and chords — ALL BY EAR — regardless of your current ability level.


With the easy, step-by-step guidance you'll receive in our #1 world best-selling ear training methods by David Lucas Burge. And you'll prove it yourself, with your OWN EARS.

Here at last is everything you need to quickly build up a powerful ear for music — simply by opening your natural talents for listening.

So let's begin the training right now . . .

Our first topic:

What exactly is Perfect Pitch?



Are you ready
to start?

Learn Perfect Pitch with the #1 Best-Selling Ear Training Method for 30 Years (see details below).

What is Perfect Pitch?






  The #1 Best-Selling Ear Training Courses
by David Lucas Burge




What is Perfect Pitch?

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